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Quality Sleep: Balancing Soma in the Physiology

In the fast-paced, technology driven world, more and more people suffer from sleep deprivation. Some fall asleep only to wake up several times during the night. Some struggle to fall asleep, then toss and turn most of the night. Some complain about being tired in the morning even though they sleep six to eight hours.

In the worst cases, the struggle to sleep has become so daunting that people decide their time would be better spent on work or socializing. They stay up later and later, exhausting themselves and thus forcing their bodies to 'crash' into sleep.

Modern, as well as alternative, medicine has developed sleeping aids that alleviate the problem somewhat but still leave people sleep deprived because the drugs and supplements are insufficient or habit forming, or they induce artificial sleep, in which people get the satisfaction of falling asleep but they don't wake up refreshed in the morning.

Chronic sleep deprivation leads to depressed immunity, physical weakness, and decreased tolerance of mental and emotional stress, all of which ultimately lead to illness.

According Vaidya Mishra's research and experience, the root cause of sleeplessness in America is the lack of soma in the environment, food, water, and the body.
Soma, according to Ayurveda, is one of the three aspects of prana, which is the life force or the electromagnetic vibration that keeps the body alive. The other two aspects of prana are agni and marut. Soma is the lunar energy, agni is the solar energy, and marut is the energy of air and space.

If we were to compare the body to a battery, soma would be the minus, agni the plus, and marut would be the current between them. Another way of understanding prana is to view soma as the nurturing energy, agni as the transforming energy, and marut as the circulating energy.

soma ratri

Somo ratrihi
At night, soma rules. (Shathapata Brahmana)

Soma and good sleep have a reciprocal relationship. Sleeping at night enhances soma because lunar energy, the source of soma, is predominant at night. And vice versa, proper balance of soma ensures good sleep.

moon is full of soma
Chandrama vai Somaha
The moon is full of soma.  (Sanskrit Quote)

Unfortunately, in this modern era, agni and marut energy are predominant in the environment. They are found in the form of electromagnetic radiation from cell-phones, television, computer monitors, and from emotional challenges, bio-acidic foods, and low pH water. All these agni and marut energies dry out the nurturing and lubricating quality of soma, which results in poor sleep.

In treating sleep problems, the value of soma is greater than all existing supplements or medical alternatives.

The Brahmanas, an ancient Vedic text say:

soma is the best medicine.
Somo vai aushadhi namadha rajaha
Soma is the emperor, the king of kings in medicine.

In daytime, the nurturing and calming effect of soma enhances the ability to handle mental and emotional challenges.

At night, soma aids in falling asleep and maintaining quality sleep.

Steps for balancing soma and improving sleep:

1) Check your salivary pH every morning. In practical terms, low soma can be understood as low or acidic pH. Balanced pH indicates balanced soma, which is necessary for quality sleep.
2) Favor organic vegetables and seasonal, ripe, juicy fruits. All meals should be fresh. Leftovers, canned, and frozen foods increase acidity and decrease soma.
3) Check the pH of your water. Most purified water is acidic. Favor Trinity (Gold Label) water.
4) Pay attention to your breathing. Breathe slowly and deeply from the lower abdomen.
5) Improve elimination. Slow bowel movements contribute to sleep problems because the body reabsorbs toxins, which secrete more agni (higher pH) and diminish soma.
6) Go to bed before 10 pm. This is the ideal time for balancing soma and increasing the quality of sleep.
If your pH remains below 7, you may add the following:

Pro-Sleep Plus Transdermal Cream

Blended from energetically viable herbs like Indian valerian and muskroot, this transdermal cream delivers soma-enhancing nutrients through the marma points during sleep. Marmas are energy exchange centers in the body through which prana from nature is received and distributed. Pro-Sleep Plus Transdermal Cream is applied directly to the adhipati marma (top of the head).  This is the most important of the 107 marmas because it receives all the prana into the body then channels it to the other 106 marmas.

Another vital pair of marmas is located in the center of the soles. When this transdermal cream is applied to these marmas with gentle pressure, it supplies the vibrational energy of the herbs to the heart and releases excess agni and marut from the heart and the rest of body.

Individuals who use Pro-Sleep Plus report considerable improvement in sleep: 

Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum, N.J.: Ninety percent of my patients sleep better with the transdermal sleep cream, and by following the Ayurvedic dietary lifestyle.
Dr. Douglas Beech, in MD: Almost all the fibromyalgia patients are getting good sleep after using the transdermal sleep creams and the ayurvedic protocol.

Restful Sleep Herbal Memory Nectar

These nectar drops, containing the subtlest essence of herbs to promote soma in the physiology, are added to neutral-pH spring water and sipped throughout the day.  The powerful vibrational energy of these herbs helps to neutralize the overload of agni and marut that we receive during the day while we are working.

When it comes time to sleep, there is less of a buzz in the body and mind from too much agni and marut.  The result is a more relaxed state, and a natural inclination to drift off to sleep when the time is right.

Pro-Sleep Soma Nidra Aroma Oil

This aromatic oil blends several soma-predominant herbs which are helpful for sleep and delivers them through the air you breathe at night.  Alternatively, you can place a few drops in your bath or on your wrists before going to bed.

The calming, nourishing effect of this oil helps to set the stage for balanced and restful sleep.

Soma-Cal Capsules

Calcium is known in modern research for its ability to promote sleep.  This calcium does not come from the bones of animals, but rather from coral growing in the sea.  The ocean is a great source of soma, and this adds to the soma-enhancing power of this formula. 

Not only does this formulation contain the soma-rich physical material, calcium, but it is processed with the pure vibration of soma in moonlight and rose water to ensure that the most subtle quality of soma is available.

Disclaimer: For any suspected or known illness or dysfunction, always consult your physician for medical diagnosis and treatment first. Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products mentioned here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.